Stephén Seo is a bespoke brand that specializes in best custom tailored clothing for the most distinguished of tastes. Stephén Seo’s flagship store is located in the heart of Tribeca in New York City. An oasis for fashionistas and curious sophisticates alike, this custom tailored clothing brand is known for whimsical shirt patterns, meticulously detailed suits, Italian bespoke handmade ties, pocket squares and bespoke handmade shoes. In addition, Stephén Seo designs cocktail dresses, stunning silk blouses, and skirts, as well as 100% cashmere overcoats and trench coats for both men and women.

All fabrics are sourced from Italian, English, French, Belgian, and Scottish trends. Bent on restoring the tradition of creating handmade clothing for each unique client, Stephén Seo has become synonymous with clean silhouettes and remarkable fabrics.

Stephén Seo’s custom made products are also available on our E-commerce website (stephenseo.com) After checkout, you will be able to make a video conference call appointment for your body measurements. Mr. Seo, himself and team, will assist customers to measure accurately through Facetime or Skype. The Measure of Confidence!

Stephén Seo custom suits have been featured on A-list celebrities and Hollywood projects, including Showtime’s Ray Donavan, White Famous, HBO’s Entourage and Entourage the Movie. He also has been featured in high-end luxury magazines such as Departures, Robb Report and New York Times to name a few.

Our Handcrafted workmanship is all about paying attention to every detail.

Handmade Canvassed Jackets: True bespoke suits were constructed with a layer of horsehair canvas underneath the wool fabric shell. This canvas holds the shape of the suit and keeps it from sagging or deforming, much like the foundation of a house which keeps it upright. The canvas is cut to the jacket’s shape, then the wool is stitched to the canvas. As you wear the jacket, the canvas conforms to your body’s shape, creating an excellent fit.

Handmade Buttonholes: Hand-sewn buttonholes are a thing of beauty, and in the hands of a skilled tailor, can make a coat stand out amongst others. Properly sewn, they will add a level of detail that you can be proud of, yet at the same time will sit unassumingly against the background of the coat. It is one of the most important and luxurious components in bespoke garments.

Picked Stitching: Picked stitching refers to the small and unobtrusive stitching that runs along the lapel (the collar of a jacket), around the pocket flaps, and the breast pocket detail. It’s a classic feature of a high-end jacket and a clear indicator that you’re wearing a handmade garment. Also picked stitching can be used as an accent on your jacket, at your discretion.